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15.12.2011, Ewa and Slawek

     We were in Gambia for two weeks in November 2011. Mustapha Kassama organized for as the full stay; hotels, trips, upcountry trip, lunches and dinners. He was our bird guide and driver, he was our tourist guide and the very good comrade. He is quite, reliable and with the very good birds and nature knowledge. He knows all bird places in Gambia and many in Senegal. Thanks to him, we saw Gambia villages, markets, and "non tourists" places. We met many nice people. Now after one month we again think how and when to go to Gambia.

22.12.2010, Hennie Lammers

     Mustapha Kassama is a licensed birdwatching guide. He is very friendly and very reliable. He learned his job from his brother who was one of the first birdwatching guides in The Gambia. Mustapha knows his birds very well and is able to tell you lots of details about every single bird. Driving around a lot he knows all the important birdwatching areas in The Gambia. If you stick to the coastal areas there are many interesting birds you can see. But it is always worthwhile seeing some up-country sites in Basse, Georgetown or Tendaba Camp. Mustapha will help you to plan these trips. In December 2010 we made our second trip in The Gambia. Having been guided to Tanji Nature Reserve, Pirang, Brufut Woods and Tujering by Mustapha, we found him to be very knowledgeable and keen to find different bird species for us as you can see on the site. Above all Mustapha became a good friend and we would definitely use Mustapha as a guide again.

14.02.2009, J.H. Westra

     Mustapha Kassama, was our guide on the first two days (for site info, see caption : Wellknown sites visited). He was recommended, and contacted in advance... He helped me in finding some special birds and took me to some famous sites...

2009, Thomas Vanderes

     During the winter of 2009 (January) we visit the Gambia. Our guide was Mustapha Kasssama. We visited the Coastal area including Abuko, Bijolo, Brufut Woods, Tanji Bird Reserve, Kotu Stream and hotelgardens and an inland trip brings us to Tendaba and Georgetown. In total we saw 318 species! Special thanks for Mustapha Kassama an excellent birdguide with a friendly price. Thomas Vanderes

01.11.2007, Phil Stidwill

     For the three days we had a total of over 150 birds. Karl the driver and Mustapha our guide were absolutely brilliant the whole journey and made the trip. I would whole heartedly recommend anyone travelling to Gambia to get in touch with Mustapha if they require a guide a really lovely guy!

Ernest Leahy

     Qualified friendly guide. Good Knowledge. Organizes trips up River etc.
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